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Juega Bonito (spanish for "the beautiful game") is how we understand football. In all our work we follow an holistic approach. That means that we see football as more than just a sport.

Social impact: Football can have a positive impact an on the development of individuals, groups and communities. We take the power of football to motivate the youth.

Sportive orientation: We follow the guidelines of the spanish football philosophy. This shows up in our training principles as well as in our match principles. We want to achieve success in sports playing in our way and therefore follow our plans consistently.

Ball possession: Having the ball is the most important in our approach. Not to be afraid of having possession is what we work on in every session. Through ball possession and short passing combinations we want to be dominant in the game.

Excellence: To make it as an professional player one must be outstanding. With our knowledge we help and guide our players as good as we can on their heavy way to reach their goals. Therefore we focus on details that later will make the difference.

Experience: Not only our head coach has a lot of experience in developing talent. Also our other coaches have a lot of knowledge to share. All of them are graduates of ACAKORO themselves and have our philosophy internalized. They either have played as a professional in Kenyan football or abroad. In the past ACAKORO managed to beat FC Barcelona U11 and Atletico Madrid U11 in international tournaments. 

Football for everyone: "The beautiful game" is a game of inclusion and does not discriminate. Therefore stands our social project ACAKORO CBO founded 2013 in the slum of Korogocho. Through an austrian-kenyan partnership around former austrian national team player Helmut Köglberger we help children from severe backgrounds. ACAKORO provides training facilities like one ball per child, training uniforms, football shoes, advanced training material and more. ACAKORO takes care of the education of ALL its children, pays their school fees and provides school uniforms for them. As academic and social education is very important, ACAKORO provides tuition classes for children who are not performing well in school.

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